CLEAR Aligners

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Realmente único, el sistema de Alineadores Transparentes Reveal® reduce enormemente e incluso puede llegar a eliminar la necesidad de ataches en la mayoría de casos.

SLX Clear Aligners

Los alineadores transparentes Reveal ofrecen a los odontólogos una nueva solución, para poder proporcionar a sus pacientes un tratamiento ortodóntico fiable, cómodo y estético. Con apoyo para utilizarlo en la clínica y con acceso a toda una serie de servicios de marketing exclusivos, Reveal puede ayudar a los dentistas a competir con las empresas de alineadores directos al consumidor y a su vez hacer crecer sus clínicas.

La gente habla de Reveal

“SLX 3D represents nothing less than a true engineering and design phenomena. Whether you’re using another self-ligating system, or twin brackets, when you try SLX 3D, you too will be convinced it’s time to switch.”
Dr. John Graham - Salt Lake City, UT
“I have never felt comfortable smiling “big” because my bite has always been crooked, which shifts my teeth to the right. I’ve always yearned for that “Hollywood” smile, and once considered Veneers, but that wouldn’t fix my issue; just cover it up. I considered aligners, but the ones out there had those ugly buttons or attachments, which was not appealing to me, either. So, I tried our new Reveal Clear Aligners, and in only 8 months, my bite is perfectly aligned and my smile is “big”!”
Renee C. - Carlsbad, CA
“I talk a lot for work and they don’t obstruct me speech at all. They’re very comfortable in the mouth and haven’t given my cheeks or gums any irritation. They are also very discreet, oftentimes people directly in front of me don’t know they are in.”
Chris L. - Mill Creek, WA
“I only trust my smile to a professional orthodontist and would not have considered treatment if I had to have anything glued on my teeth. Dr. Fortney provided a treatment that gave me confidence from start to finish.”
Tiffany V. - Houston, TX

New Smiles Revealed

Before & After Treated with Reveal technology.

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